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March 26, 2009 - 1:41 p.m.
wow. nostalgia.


I have no idea if anyone who used to read this will ever see this, but HAYYYYY, it's Jess. And to quote my younger self, this is a tad freaky-deaky, seeing as I just turned 19 years old recently.

Point being, despite a lot of this diary being sort of humiliating and ridiculous, a much bigger part of it is just HILARIOUS. And instead of studying for my music theory exam or French quizzes in college, I've spent my time rereading old entries and pondering on how fucking CRAZY I was. And also, wow, obsessive much? I don't think I could have been more insane and insanely annoying about Zim.

But I'm also kind of astounded at the weird genius of my younger self for creating and constantly using expressions and words like "problem-cake," "Oh, pudding nickels," "Toodles, poodles," "I'm a chubby skoobuddy," etc etc. The list is literally endless. How I came up with this stuff, I have no idea. And I feel like at times I really do show a weird streak of comic genius. Not to flatter myself or anything, but I sort of find my 11-year-old self highly entertaining.

Anyyyway. If anyone from the past IS reading this. I go to Muhlenberg College now and am studying theatre, music, and French. I still do very much want to be an actor, which I guess I still do have to give credit to Richard Horvitz for. And though it's not exactly my spectacular, fanciful dream, I would still love to get into voice acting- if I could make a living off of that, I'd be content, although theatre and TV would be nice too.

Soooo... I dunno if I'm gonna write in this again anytime soon, but, yeah... there you have it.

Jess, over and out.

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